How Landscaping Increases Home Value

When looking at investments to make to increase a home’s value, the landscaping often goes overlooked. After all, a buyer’s first impression leaves a long lasting impact on their final decision. Whether they be minimal improvements or large scale projects, here are a few ways to increase your property value through landscaping. 

Photo from Needham Landscaping Job

Lawn Care

Perhaps one of the smaller improvements, the tidiness of your lawn can go a long way on leaving a good impression. Maintenance such as lawn repair or removal of dead grass can improve the overall image of the lawn itself. If you are unsure what to do with dead grass, we have a checklist here. 

A Colorful Garden

Whether you have a garden or not, an infusion of color is something that will reap the long term benefits. Looking at a landscape without a color variety can seem mundane, so even the slightest addition can brighten up the lawn in the bigger picture.


Fresh mulch is something that is quite easy to notice, and relatively inexpensive to install. The distinct smell partnered with the heightened color palette it adds can turn an average landscape into one that pops out on first sight.

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